Tottenham Community Project

810highrdIna, Kate and Sarah kick-started their residency at Middlesex University in 2016 by setting up the group ‘Collective Exchange’ and a project based around two grade-II listed buildings located on Tottenham’s High Road.

The aim of the project was to engage the local community with the history of this fast changing area. By inviting people to share stories and participate in making workshops that focussed on one of the various crafts linked to the surrounding area, stories were unveiled connecting the past, present and future aspirations of North Tottenham.

This project was possible through the support of Tottenham Hotspurs football club who own the buildings and through their funding support of the community workshops.

This type of work will be continued in the future and through different making process the group will continue to explore how art and making can benefit people not only on an individual basis but also on a community and societal level.

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