Collective Exchange was originally set up by three creatives; Ina Norrman, Kate Grimes and Sarah Higgins during a residency in 2016 at Middlesex University.

It is a collective interested in exploring social, historical and site-specific narratives through processes of making.

Currently working on the project ‘Mind your Language’ is Ina Norrman, Jenny Dunn and Kate Grimes.

Ina Norrman is designer-maker with a background in psychology and her work is guided by her interest in people and society. Psychological and philosophical ideas are central to her work and she has a keen interest in how processes of making can have therapeutic effects.

Jenny Dunn is interested in social relations in space and her work focuses on participatory practice in community settings, bringing the imaginary into reality, in an attempt to expose the genuine meaning in the act of our everyday lives.

Kate Grimes is a site-specific artist whose work is based on hidden narratives surrounding the past, present and future through which she captures the fragility and fleetingness of everyday lives.






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