‘Mind Your Language’ Workshops

Our two trial workshops held in October explored unconscious biased language which many of us use without even realising. It produced some very thought-provoking conversations.

With next February being the centenary for women (over the age of 30) being given the right to vote, alongside the current climate of front page news around biased attitudes and behaviour towards women, we wanted to explore how the use of some, not all, everyday language has become altered, overlooked and ‘normalised’…

Using collage, we invited participants to create their own statement badges whilst engaging in dialogue during the making process.  The topic was approached from many different angles, not only from a female but also from a male perspective.

Badges have long been used as a way of conveying allegiance towards a particular cause, commenting on events as well as initiating conversation between wearer and viewer. We were interested to see what sort of dialogue would and could be struck up between participants and those they encountered during their wearing out…

The pieces produced would definitely start some very interesting discussions…!

We will publish follow-ups on these inspiring, thought-provoking creations and are currently engaged in further research on this subject and are looking to hold more workshops in the new year…keep an eye on our blog for further updates and information.