810 High Road

An impressive Georgian Grade II listed building occupied by various residents.  From Hendersons the seed merchants to Gedeney, principal suppliers of cloth for liveries of the Grocers Company to stationers and photographers, this Elaborate 18th Century house has stood through many changes.

Its interior is testament to this, the layers of wallpaper that are peeling away to reveal hidden designs and colours of bygone eras.

This will be our residence during the month of June.  We will be hosting a series of workshops in the courtyard, British weather permitting of course and if the heavens do decide to open, we will retreat into the safety of the coach house.

Tottenham was well known for its potteries and as luck would have it, with the development of the new stadium well underway, we had easy access to the London clay that is located 40 meters below the surface.

We are inviting the local community to assist us in producing a series of ‘chimney pots’ from the very start of the process and through to the end.  We will hold an exhibition in mid July to display the work created in response to the narratives that are shared during the making process.

Much like the chimneys waiting to be put to work again, this resurfacing of memories is a way of saying ‘we are here’ and for them to be shared on a wider level across all ages and backgrounds.



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Nearing 810 High Road…

Tottenham is one of the most ethnically diverse spots on the planet, its extraordinarily ordinary streets are filled with Kurdish, Portuguese and Congolese chatter. Brightly coloured shop fronts line the sides of the High Road in an array of independent businesses, catering for every need and taste.

The bustle of everyday life is much more evident at this end of the road with people from all walks of life out and about in varying degrees of haste.  Thoughts, feelings and memories encased in each living being, distracted by the routine of the day.

The shops here are a reflection of the local community; ornate cake shops, dress shops for those special occasions, the launderette providing a few hours breathing space or the buzz of the fish market…



Proudly sponsored by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club & Middlesex University

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Looking Upwards


London is best viewed from the ground looking up and Tottenham has its own uniqueness.  A combination of the old with the new continuously jostling for pride of place in an ever-changing concrete landscape…

Mosaic tiles adorning the outsides of buildings, barbed wire snaking across the tops of walls creating a sense of foreboding, utility poles with their wires spread-eagled over roads in a protective stance, plastic bags trying to escape their captors grip…

And then there are the chimney pots adorning the roof tops, whose longing to produce billows of coal smoke lies mainly defunct due to the introduction of central heating and the gas fire…

Our journey along the High Road continues with thoughts of our community project in the foreground of our minds.



Proudly sponsored by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club & Middlesex University

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A Spring Stroll

Bernie Grant

Walking up from Seven Sisters Underground Station, the regeneration process has already started around the Tottenham Green area.  This part of the High Road has an imposing sense of space, with its wide pavements, the majestic buildings set back from the road.



As you travel further up, the urban landscape starts to alter as pavements narrow, the bustle of everyday life starts to creep in…




The once well-cared for start looking a little jaded around the edges.  Facades corroded, exposing their vulnerabilities and weak spots, pasts hidden behind boarded up windows…





The used and the unused, sitting side by side, both clamouring to tell their tales and reveal their stories…









Proudly sponsored by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club & Middlesex University

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