Inspiring Suffragettes of Haringey at Bruce Castle Museum

For the last year we have been collaborating with Bruce Castle Museum and the archives digging out untold stories of suffragette and suffragists. Join us at the exhibition, now open at the Museum and get inspired by these ordinary people. Workshops related to the topic to follow so keep an eye open for #mindyourlanguageIntropanelInspiringWomen


Empowered Women / Local stories call-out…

In celebration of the centenary of the Campaign for Women’s Suffrage, Collective Exchange will be holding an exhibition at The Bruce Castle Museum later on in the year, focusing on local stories of the Suffrage movement in the Haringey area.

Do you have a local story or knowledge on the subject? Was someone in your family involved in moving women’s rights forward?

We would love to hear from you if you have stories you would like to share with us to help inform the exhibition. Please leave your stories using the ‘comments’ link below…alternatively you can contact us via email:

You can also contact us via email if you have any images you would like to share.

The exhibition will occur in conjunction with a series of workshops in which we will continue to explore gender equality in 2018. By investigating language, specifically gender biased language and female depiction in the media, we will challenge our own unconscious biases and explore where women’s place in society is today.

‘Mind Your Language’ Workshops

Our two trial workshops held in October explored unconscious biased language which many of us use without even realising. It produced some very thought-provoking conversations.

With next February being the centenary for women (over the age of 30) being given the right to vote, alongside the current climate of front page news around biased attitudes and behaviour towards women, we wanted to explore how the use of some, not all, everyday language has become altered, overlooked and ‘normalised’…

Using collage, we invited participants to create their own statement badges whilst engaging in dialogue during the making process.  The topic was approached from many different angles, not only from a female but also from a male perspective.

Badges have long been used as a way of conveying allegiance towards a particular cause, commenting on events as well as initiating conversation between wearer and viewer. We were interested to see what sort of dialogue would and could be struck up between participants and those they encountered during their wearing out…

The pieces produced would definitely start some very interesting discussions…!

We will publish follow-ups on these inspiring, thought-provoking creations and are currently engaged in further research on this subject and are looking to hold more workshops in the new year…keep an eye on our blog for further updates and information.





Mind Your Language…

February 2018 marks the centenary of the Campaign for Women’s Suffrage which was partly achieved by the Representation of the People Act 1918 – allowing women over the age of 30 the right to vote.

During the coming months, Collective Exchange will not only be reflecting on those turbulent times which surrounded the Suffrage Movement but will also be looking at how attitudes towards gender inequality have altered over the years, where they currently stand today and how much change is still needed for the future.

Through a series of workshops we will start by investigating language, specifically gender biased language, as a way of beginning an exploration of women’s place in society.

Two making sessions will be held in September with dates, venue and content details to follow.

Clay in the Making


People braved the weather and turned up in great numbers during Clay in the Making! We had a really fantastic day of sharing skills and knowledge and all for free thanks to the funding from Arts Council England, Haringey Council and Middlesex University.

There was a great sense of calmness as you walked into the rooms where Clay in the Making was held despite it being a busy day.

The shere enjoyment of sitting down for a few hours with other people from the community, sharing a laugh and spurring each other on could be sensed walking around and talking to people. Many said it was so refreshing to spend time with people in a creative and hands on way and it just shows that, although technology is amazing in many ways, we still want the physical contact – both hands on and face to face.

Big thank you to Josefina Isaza, Nao Matsunaga, Jess Miller and Lisa Stockham for their fantastic contribution to the day, sharing ideas and their expertise with the public and Collective Exchange!logos-clay-in-the-making-1

Community Workshops, Tottenham


We will hold some more FREE workshops in Tottenham during the next few months thanks to funding from Arts Council England, Haringey Council and Middlesex University.

Ina Norrman will hold two kids and family sessions at Bruce Castle Museum on the 16th  and 19th February 2-4pm. We will explore hand building and marking techniques and your piece will be fired at Middlesex University and can be picked up at a later date. Four more dates to follow shortly so keep an eye out.

Hope to see you there!logos-clay-in-the-making-1