810 High Road

An impressive Georgian Grade II listed building occupied by various residents.  From Hendersons the seed merchants to Gedeney, principal suppliers of cloth for liveries of the Grocers Company to stationers and photographers, this Elaborate 18th Century house has stood through many changes.

Its interior is testament to this, the layers of wallpaper that are peeling away to reveal hidden designs and colours of bygone eras.

This will be our residence during the month of June.  We will be hosting a series of workshops in the courtyard, British weather permitting of course and if the heavens do decide to open, we will retreat into the safety of the coach house.

Tottenham was well known for its potteries and as luck would have it, with the development of the new stadium well underway, we had easy access to the London clay that is located 40 meters below the surface.

We are inviting the local community to assist us in producing a series of ‘chimney pots’ from the very start of the process and through to the end.  We will hold an exhibition in mid July to display the work created in response to the narratives that are shared during the making process.

Much like the chimneys waiting to be put to work again, this resurfacing of memories is a way of saying ‘we are here’ and for them to be shared on a wider level across all ages and backgrounds.



Proudly sponsored by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club & Middlesex University

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