The Second Day of Workshops

We are really starting to settle in at 810 High Road and make ourselves at home.

The team at Haringey Council and stopped by in the morning to see how things were progressing and to book themselves onto one of the workshops.


Everyone got involved and as the participants were all from the local area and have lived most of their lives there, their knowledge of Tottenham’s history and also their personal stories were fascinating.

The workshop residency is kicking off to a great start and really is hitting home the benefits of sharing and being able to experience the process of making and how it can bring people together

A bit of a tidy up and the pots are ready to go…

There are definitely some very talented, budding artists out there and we felt very privileged to have had some of them working with us today – we don’t want to show all of their hard work just yet, they will all be revealed at the exhibition in July

There were some unexpected links between some of the participants through various family members knowing each other which helped the camaraderie to flourish even further!

outside looking in

Proudly sponsored by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club & Middlesex University

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