The Fourth Day…


The sun managed to stay out this morning which gave us the perfect opportunity to dry some moulds in the sunshine


We ventured over to Tottenham Marshes for lunch and an opportunity to explore the area a little more in-depth, as well as too catch some sun!  We are discovering just how friendly the Tottenham community is and have had some interesting chats both on the marshes as well as in the morning at 810

It seems that anything out of the ordinary really sparks curiosity in folk!

We made it back in the nick of time as the heavens opened not long after we returned for the afternoon session

Yet another budding artist who also happens to be a potter, came and joined us bringing with her a lovely splash of colour to liven up what turned into a pretty wet afternoon

Proudly sponsored by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club & Middlesex University

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All images are copyright of Collective Exchange

One Reply to “The Fourth Day…”

  1. Thank you all for an interesting and relaxing afternoon.I am excited about how my pot will turn out.
    I hope that many people will take the opportunity of making their own Tottenham pot .
    Best wishes


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