The Last Day

It was our final day of workshops and we busily prepared ourselves, producing best batch of moulds over the entire three weeks…all good things come to those who wait!

It’s funny how attached you can become to a place once you have integrated yourself there over a period of time…

We had more wonderful local residents come and visit with us today, as well as the ceramics technician at Middlesex University along with his family – it was great for him to see us in action and see that the slip was working better than anticipated!

And, as ever there were some beautiful pieces made, ready for firing and to be included in our exhibition in July.

We were also visited by a collective of artists living locally and who are anticipating putting on their own work at the house later on in the year popped in to look around as well as discovering what we are all about

The weather did reflect all of our moods.  We were all feeling a little overcast and sombre and the light wasn’t as bright as it had been, almost as though it was marking the end of this phase of our project at the house

However…You can’t remain melancholy for too long and there is much planning to do for the upcoming exhibition in July – keep the 22nd – 24th July free in your diaries and come along and join us in celebrating all of the beautiful work that has been created over the past three weeks and will be added to with our own interpretations of stories shared and experiences gained.  It will be well worth the visit!


Proudly sponsored by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club & Middlesex University

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All images are copyright of Collective Exchange



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