The laying of ‘crocs’ (broken pots) under the original stadium as drainage sees the new rising to life and breaking free of their underground constraints…suspended until such time they can be released

Capturing our own memories of time spent in the area, the numerous walks taken along the High Road and the history of a bygone craft

A bowl mapping out the past, present and future of this special part of Tottenham, waiting for its chance to be mended and given a new lease of life

The beautiful work made during the workshops sitting in situ whilst their dedicated makers move gently amongst them

Like a mini terracotta army, advancing out of the shadows and corners  into the light…

Seated on high, guarding their surroundings with purpose,

Perching precariously on the lookout, a tiger leaps below to who knows where

No corner is left unguarded

As walls whisper with traced memories

On the landing, balls of clay wait patiently in the hope of joining their compatriots in the children’s room

Transformed into pinch pots,

teacups and a motley crew of characters,

under the watchful gaze of their creators and next door neighbours.

Tiles created during the library workshop have taken up residence on the stairs, basking in the warmth of the summer sun

Library Tiles 1

Their rich terracotta hues offsetting a mix of colours and designs lovingly and painstakingly created, transforming and bringing this fascinating house to life.


Come and visit us and all of the amazing work that has been created over the past few months, as well as having a rare opportunity to peek inside this beautiful Grade II listed Georgian building.

We are open this weekend Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm.


Proudly sponsored by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club & Middlesex University

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All images are copyright of Collective Exchange






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